About Membership

If you are a Principal Interior Designer looking for professional business guidance and tools to best address the challenges of your growing firm, MMG | VIP is the ideal solution from the industry’s most trusted business expert. Molloy Management Group has helped hundreds of designers world-wide, from sole-proprietors to celebrity firms, operate more effectively and create a luxury brand. The membership is designed to serve designers that want to develop and streamline their firm in the most cost effective manner and produce dramatic results with minimal time and capital investment. If you need to implement change and want to make sure you do it wisely, you will find this membership invaluable.


Your MMG | VIP membership will give you access to an extensive library of premium interior design business documents, methods and procedures that you can use for standard operating procedures in your firm.



We’ve divided the materials into tiers; Foundation, Team, Growth and Refinement.

Within each tier there are several categories. Within each category is a multitude of documents, training videos and documented procedures to help you with that topic.

Simply select the topic you need help in. Then find the document you need and purchase and download it. Most documents are in Word or Excel, allowing you to add your logo and any customization you need and start using it immediately. Some documents are free with the membership and others are available for purchase at a very reasonable price.