Ideal Member Profile

We often get asked, "Who is your ideal client?” We find that there are certain characteristics our MMG | VIP Members have that make our offerings most relevant and effective for them. Surprisingly, size of firm has little to do with the equation. With the exception of our team development tools, our solutions address the needs of sole-proprietors up to large firms. Below is a brief outline of what makes a designer ideally suited for this membership. If you answer "YES” to many of these, you are an ideal member.


If you related to many of the above statements, you are an ideal member and will get a TON of value out of this membership. As a result, your life and business will be impacted in the following ways:

This is What the MMG | VIP Will Do for You:

  • Stop wondering what the best way is to do things
  • Clarity on how to build your business more effectively
  • Gives you control of your projects
  • Frees up 35-45% of your time
  • Provides you and your team with much needed structure and procedures
  • Easy implementation of best practices
  • Ready-to-use documents and business materials you can implement immediately
  • Training videos and instructions on a multitude of business topics from office details to overarching project management methods
  • Allows you to work less hours and be more proficient
  • Your business becomes much more professional
  • Lifts your firm to a higher echelon of clientele
  • Frees you up to focus on being a better designer and to promote your business
  • Gives you confidence in your choices, billing practices and leadership
  • Provides you access to an "expert" to talk with every month so you can move forward confidently
  • Shaves 3-5 years off your growth curve