As a smart, stylish professional Molloy stands out from the crowd. Her business offers designers strong solutions for the challenging world they work in and she does it all with a smile.  


 I started my design business during the height of the recession, in an unknown town in Wyoming, and with no design firms around me to model a solid business foundation. After three years, I saw how other firms were able to thrive and grow, even in this tough economy. After watching from a distance, dreaming, and digging, I found that Julia was the reason for many of the "star" designers' successes. I knew I needed her, but until her VIP services became available, I wasn't able to use my limited resources for her critical help. I jumped at the chance to use them when they became available!

The VIP services have been fantastic. They are available 24/7 online, so I can use the lessons and documents that pertain to me. I am a sole-proprietor right now, but I've clarified my brand for growth and I am streamlining my processes so that when growth knocks on my door, I'll be ready.

It's been a delight to work with Julia. Even though my company is small, she understands and supports my efforts. I feel like my dreams matter. I can't wait to see what the future holds. 


 Molloy Management Group took a very effective lead in streamlining and making my interior design business run much more effectively, productively, and profitably! Julia was a great motivator and supporter and gave me great tools to lead my business in an ever changing business climate. MMG's Systems Development Program greatly organized my business and brought new accountability at each level of the hierarchical structure! MMG also assisted my business in luxury branding and gave me the confidence to make difficult decisions. Money and time well spent! Julia made me want to follow my dreams! 


 I am happy to tell our clients about Julia Molloy and her team at Molloy Management Group. She has developed some ground-breaking programs and products that help Interior Design firms move to the next level. Julia Molloy’s programs are for firms ready to streamline their processes and reach their goals in a much shorter timeframe.  


 A truly professional management company with beyond exceptional customer service! Julia has assisted me in creating that "just right" design firm. Her team works side by side, with my team, to showcase us in the manner that really reflects who we are in the design world. If you're looking to grow to the next level of business that you know you're capable of, contacting Molloy Management will be the best move you'll ever make. Their knowledge and expertise of the design world is without reproach. 


 While operating within this rather chaotic business of design, it has always been my goal to have my office run like a well oiled machine. Because of Julia, I feel that I can achieve this goal.

I could never have imagined that there was someone out there with her depth of experience and knowledge about this profession along with such specific technical savvy that could be available to me! She is a rare find! 


 Although we are not even half way through our 'Molloy Management Makeover' the way we do business has already been transformed. Waste is down, productivity is up and everyone in the office is working together as a cohesive team!

Julia Molloy is a person of utmost integrity. Her invaluable work is powerfully augmented by her compassionate & versatile thinking. I am sad that I can only give her ten out of ten! 


 As an interior designer and owner of CFID, it took me years to realize the support available for business owners of our industry lies not just on my shoulders. I have had the good fortune to come to know that support in a multitude of areas of business. Communications, operations and accounting is readily available through Molloy Management's services.

My firm is now securely in the most capable of hands with Julia and her team. From website design and honing visibility tips, to professional blogging expertise, to overviews of our accounting software, Molloy Management navigates my company to the next level of professional services and presence.

Interior designers who are serious about their business need to speak with Molloy Management about how to market themselves aggressively and appropriately for longevity in our industry. 


 Molloy Management Group was a life-saver for me and my company during periods of heavy growth and change. Julia Molloy has been instrumental in helping me build an infrastructure that will stand the test of time and has been by my side through difficult personnel decisions.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Julia for helping my company to not only thrive in difficult economic times but to prepare for wonderful growth once our economy bounces back. Without the Molloy Management procedures, my company might not be here today. 


 Julia has proven to be a tremendous asset in the development of my firm. We are now growing smart, with solid foundations and systems in place so things are done the correct way. An operations manual of workflow and paper flow was always on my list of To Do's. It actually was realized, beyond what I could have done without Molloy Management Group.

I feel honored that Julia has remained in contact with me and has fostered a 'you can do it' attitude about my business. She has provided that silent confidence that allows me to take on bigger jobs confidently.

I would strongly encourage you to review the many attributes Julia can bring to the table.