Training Videos

Interior design business VIP membership | Training Videos

The MMG|VIP Membership provides you access to not only invaluable documents, but training videos as well. These are hands on videos, often of real online training sessions with our clients who want to share their learning experience.

These videos are found in every tier and category. Many are short clips and others can be up to an hour long. The videos typically feature one or more of the following:


  • Training session on a multitude of procedures using Studio Webware
  • Guidance and best methodologies on business practices, project workflow, strategy, branding, team development, CEO guidance and a multitude of relevant topics
  • Julia discusses different business models and their unique needs and business approach
  • Explanations and guidance on using, modifying and implementing documents and business tools found in the members area and how they impact your firm
  • Recorded Question and Answer sessions in which Julia answers interior design business questions from designers around the world
  • Hands on demonstrations and how-to training